Edmond Masjedi set up for a Big Entrepreneurial leap

Not everybody is gifted with entrepreneurial talent. Everyone seizes the initiative to plunge headlong into an unexplored province. Everyone is not born with the courage to accept all sort of challenges that come on the way. There are only a few brave souls who have the courage and potential to stand up and step ahead to accept the challenges and start working on them.    The famous personality, Edmond Masjedi is a conventional business entrepreneur who passes over every reasonable doubt and stood by his beliefs. It is his skills to think out of the box, that makes him an extraordinary personality and helps him to stand out from the rest. It was the quality of his that lead to the success of SnoBar, a parlor containing alcohol infused ice-pops and ice creams.

It was one fine evening when Edmond Masjedi’s wife Shannon demanded him to prepare a special and unique dessert for her. In an attempt to create something different and exclusive, Edmond Masjedi decided to add a small proportion of alcohol content into his ice cream, hoping it would produce something admirable that would be enjoyed and loved by all. This was a crucial moment in his life. Since then there was no turning back in his life. With his hard work, dedication, and motivation he forged ahead with his unique ideas to build up his own success story.

Once his homemade trials became a success, Edmond Masjedi collaborated with mixologists, chefs, and food scientists, aiming to perfect the taste, texture, and alcohol content of his creation.  The special dessert of his infused with alcohol is sure to give your taste buds a lasting bliss.

For the Original Version on Storify.com Visit:- https://storify.com/edmondmasjedi/edmond-masjedi-set-up-for-a-big-entrepreneurial-le#publicize


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