Edmond Masjedi – A Highly Successful Businessman

With many years of business experience, Edmond Masjedi has built many businesses from the ground up and guided them towards great success. He has worked in various business fields and is presently working in the construction business and building a set of high-tech residential homes in Los Angeles. He creates homes with keeping modern architectural guidelines in mind. Apart from this, these homes will also have the most advanced entertainment systems in the house. Edmond Masjedi has offered to sell these homes at a moderate price that is easy to afford.

In the past days, Edmond Masjedi has also worked with one of the top plastic extrusion companies in the USA. It was under his guidance that the company achieved a 50% of the retail market share and it was the number one company in the year 2000. It was in Warner Inc, that he handled the export business and the company was one of the largest exporters of Levis Jeans and exported to some of the top retailers and wholesalers in Europe.

As a professional entrepreneur, Edmond Masjedi believes that one should always make sure to fulfill the needs and requirements of the consumers in the market and work in a way after keeping them in mind. More than the profit motif, Edmond feels that the entrepreneurs should focus on bringing something in the world that will create its own little space. There should always be something new that attracts customers. Edmond states that initially the going would be quite tough but anyone who has the courage to innovate can progress in the business market.

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