Edmond Masjedi – The Man who stood by his Beliefs

One of the most notable things about Edmond Masjedi’s personality is that he has always stood by his principles and hence reaped more than a fruitful reward by following his gut feelings. Sometimes, people of such nature after a certain period of time tend to take a backward step because of the fear of failure, only a handful few are able to grasp the opportunity and subsequently make it momentous. Edmond Masjedi has that inexorable enthusiasm to excel and always keen to observe something new, that’s exactly the reason he tested himself in an unfamiliar territory every now and then.

How It All Commenced

One day, Masjedi’s wife told him to prepare a unique dessert for her. True to his creative mentality, Edmond Masjedi tried to do something out of the box as he put together different ingredients but to no avail. In the end, he decided to blend a small percentage of alcohol to ice creams, hoping it would spice up things. But little did he know that it would become the defining moment of his entrepreneur career. There was no looking back for him after that as he got the ground-breaking business idea out of it.

For the conception of SnoBar, alcohol-infused pop-ups, and ice creams we all owe a lot to this man’s intelligence. Once his experiment became a big time hit, Edmond Masjedi came up with a wide range of flavors from Brandy Alexander to grasshopper to Pink Squirrel. Every day, folks outside his parlor log jam just to ravine their taste buds on the delicious assortment of desserts.


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